Quinoa with Goji, Pine Nuts and Ginger

  • Difficoltà: Easy
  • Tempo di preparazione: 30'


200g of quinoa, 100g of fresh goji berries, 1 onion, pine nuts, parsley, lemon zest, fresh ginger, extra virgin olive oil.


Rinse quinoa thoroughly with water. Boil the water in a pot and let the quinoa cook for about 15-20 minutes, then drain and keep it aside. Cut the onion into thin slices and brown them for a few minutes in olive oil. Add fresh goji berries and pine nuts, salt and pepper and saute for a few minutes. Finally add the quinoa, a little olive oil and a pinch of chopped parsley. To enrich the flavour, add fresh ginger or grated lemon peel. Enjoy!

Buon appetito!