Organic Forest®

Face the challenges of the future in agriculture, in the respect of our land and its good fruits.

We are working on sustainable and natural agriculture which is worth more than the system and the traditional organic methods. This process will allow us to give back to all our products the natural characteristics of the plants from which they originated, ensuring the highest energetic and organoleptic value without the use of synthetic chemicals.


With the Organic Forest® method, we promote and respect natural ecosystems, genetic biodiversity and biological cycles within the agricultural systems. We do this preserving micro-organisms and  observing the flora and fauna biological rhythms. Moreover, we maintain and improve soil fertility taking care of the impact of agricultural practices on the entire ecosystem.


Thanks to the knowledge of the soil microbiology and of the biology of plants, we used all the essential information at the base of natural laws to restore the balance and consistency between the rhizosphere and the philosphere. Organic Forest® promotes knowledge, awareness and disclosure of scientific bases with methodical foundation avoiding esotericism and occultism.


The Organic Forest® method is based on the agronomic bioelectronics applied to the soil, starting from molecular biology. The chemist Lothar Meyer studied the organisation of the elements according to their atomic volume. Thanks to nuclear physics he illustrated the root causes of plant diseases.