Goji Juice

100% Fresh Goji Juice, 100% Veneto - GOJI CAPO produces a juice obtained by the cold pressing of fresh goji grown by our company. It is stored in 100 ml glass bottles and its fruits are 100% undiluted or unsweetened. They are simply cold pasteurized according to master Gianni De Cecchi’s techniques from the excellence Del Santo Food. The product is exclusively made from the pressing of fresh goji, which has not been not altered or modified, but collected in its better state of ripeness. Its life (one year) is guaranteed, as well as the highest expression of the organoleptic properties of the fruit, without the addition of any starch, glutamates or chemical additives that could "impoverish" its nutritional values. Its color can be of all the different shades of the intense amber orange depending on the time of collection. Its scent fully reflects the fresh fruit and its taste is balanced and sweet with a slightly bitter note on the finish.



Fresh Goji Juice 100%, 100% Veneto (grown with the Organic Forest method)

150 grams of goji berries per 100 ml of juice, natural lemon (no added water, no added sugar, no thickeners, no starch, no glutamates and no chemical additives). 

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